The Home Audiometer Hearing Test turns your PC into a machine that can test your hearing at home through standard headphones. No specialist hardware is needed.
The test gives a very good indication if there is a hearing problem or not and how severe it might be. It is much more accurate than other 'Do-it-yourself' tests which work with a CD or tests which have no means of calibration.
Due to the nature of the calibration any home test can never quite be as accurate as a professional hearing test at an ear clinic, but the accuracy of this audiometer is within about 10 dB of the true hearing level, compared to around 5dB of a professional hearing test.

Features include:  
- Test procedure to ISO standards
- Graphical display of results
- System is calibrated by ear without external hardware
- Data analysis and categorization

You can test the software in evaluation mode with a limited number of frequencies for free with no time limit.

Compatible with all versions of Windows, XP and later.


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